Everyone with POTS faints.
Myth: Some POTS patients have never fainted.

People who suffer from POTS are just lazy.
Myth: Although symptoms of POTS can develop from prolonged bed rest but symptoms will go away when the person becomes active again. Those diagnosed with POTS cannot make symptoms go away just with activity alone. There is a distinct difference between having POTS and being lazy.

A person who has POTS will have symptoms present at all times.
Myth: Symptoms very extremely from hour to hour, day to day. A person with POTS can be bedridden one day and feeling very energized the next. There's no way of predicting how a person with POTS will feel on any given day.

A person can fake having POTS.
Myth: While a person may be able to fake symptoms of POTS, you cannot fake the blood pressure/ heart rate increase of about 30 bpm, when moving from a sitting/ laying down position to a standing position.

POTS and CFS are relatively rare disorders.
Myth: In 1999 there were about 500,000 known cases of POTS, and it is estimated one in every one hundred teens are affected. Over the years the number is steadily rising. It is estimated 800,000 to 1,000,000 individuals suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. CFS is one of the more common Chronic health conditions

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